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Hi, if you are reading this, i ASSUME you know about mspaintrocks' Woolball Duology. The entires including: Shadow Of The Wool-Ball (SOTWB) and Rise Of The Wool-Ball (ROTWB). It's important you play the original mods. Get them down here.

SOTWB (ZDoom/Zandronum/GZDoom)


Did you ever feel that the Wool Ball Duology wasn't brutal enough to your tastes? Well, have i got something for YOU! Before that though, if you want to know the story about this partially memey Brutal Mod, You should PROBABLY take a look at this Google Doc, because it's slightly long. 

This mod does a few things:

  • Adds more Brutal death animations to most enemies.
  • Re-designs and changes how some weapons Behave.
  • Enemies get gibbed when getting capped close range by the Golden Shotgun, or how it's called in the mod, "Golden Betch Maker".


Nathan Silver: For the entire idea of this mod.

MSPaintR0cks: For the Original Woolball-Duology.


Brutal Woolball (v0.73 Alpha) 3 MB
Brutal Woolball (v0.68 Alpha) 3 MB

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